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Your Comprehensive Guide on How to get an SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card

It’s not as difficult as you might think to get an SBI SimplyCLICK credit card. This guide will lead you every step of the way, providing essential insights to ensure a smooth application process.


Meta Description: Dive into our comprehensive guide on how to get an SBI SimplyCLICK credit card, offering invaluable tips and information to facilitate your journey towards obtaining this unique digital rewards card.

Understanding the SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card

The Draw of SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card

The State Bank of India’s (SBI) SimplyCLICK Credit Card is one of the market’s leading digital rewards cards. A tech-savvy consumer’s best friend, it provides substantial rewards on online shopping, making it a sought-after choice for the new-age shopper.

Key Features of the SimplyCLICK Credit Card

The SimplyCLICK Credit Card is loaded with features designed to enhance your online shopping experience. It offers 10X rewards on online spends with exclusive partners and 5X rewards on all other online spends. What’s more, there’s a fuel surcharge waiver and a milestone reward program that offers e-vouchers worth Rs. 2,000 on reaching annual online spends of Rs. 1 Lakh and 2 Lakhs.

Eligibility Criteria for SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card

Who can Apply?

SBI maintains certain eligibility criteria for SimplyCLICK credit card applicants. Both salaried and self-employed individuals can apply if they are between 21 and 60 years old for salaried individuals and between 21 and 65 for self-employed individuals.

Income Requirements


When it comes to income requirements, the specifics might vary based on your employment type. However, typically a minimum income of Rs. 20,000 per month is required for salaried employees. For self-employed individuals, the income requirements might be a tad higher.

How to get an SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card?

It’s time to get down to the nuts and bolts. How do you secure your own SimplyCLICK Credit Card? It’s a straightforward process, really, and we’ll guide you step by step.

Apply Online

The quickest and most convenient way to apply for the SimplyCLICK credit card is through the SBI Card website. You’ll find a straightforward application form which you can complete in a few minutes.

Apply through a Bank Branch

If you prefer a more traditional route, you can walk into any SBI branch and apply for the SimplyCLICK credit card directly.

Documentation Required


Regardless of the application method, you’ll need to provide certain documents. These include proof of identity, address, and income, including documents like your PAN card, Aadhar card, salary slips, or IT return documents.

Managing Your SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card

Online Management

Once you’ve got your SimplyCLICK card, you can manage it online through the SBI Card website or mobile app. You can track your spending, make payments, and even request customer service support.

Reward Redemption

The process to redeem your reward points is also relatively simple. You can redeem your points for a variety of products and services from the SBI Card reward catalog, or even use them to pay off your credit card bill.

Protecting Your SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card

Ensuring Card Security

With any credit card, it’s essential to ensure its security. Remember never to share your card details with anyone and regularly update your online banking passwords.

Dealing with Loss or Theft

If your card is lost or stolen, you need to report it immediately to SBI Card customer service. They can block your card to prevent fraudulent transactions and arrange for a replacement card.


Q: What is the annual fee for the SimplyCLICK SBI Card? The annual fee for the SBI SimplyCLICK card is Rs. 499, which can be reversed on annual spends of Rs. 1 Lakh or more.

Q: Are there any partner brands for the SBI SimplyCLICK card where I get extra rewards? Yes, you earn 10X rewards when you spend on exclusive partner brands like Amazon, BookMyShow, Cleartrip, Netmeds, Lenskart, and UrbanClap.

Q: Can I apply for the SimplyCLICK SBI Card if I am not an SBI bank account holder? Absolutely, you don’t need to have an account with SBI to apply for the SimplyCLICK credit card.

Q: Can I convert my reward points into cash? Yes, you can use your reward points to pay off your credit card bill.

Q: What should I do if my card gets stolen or lost? Immediately report the loss or theft to SBI Card customer service to block the card and prevent fraudulent transactions.

Q: What is the interest rate charged on the SimplyCLICK SBI Card? The interest rate is up to 3.35% per month or 40.2% per annum.


Securing an SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card isn’t a Herculean task. By understanding the card, meeting the eligibility criteria, and successfully completing the application process, you’re on your way to enjoying a world of rewards for your online shopping. Keep in mind the importance of card security and management, and you’ll be set for a rewarding experience.


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